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I've Made My Choice.
I know this may alarm you,
but please,
Don't be frightened.
I need some time away from church,
away from the blank "hello"s
and  "how are you?"s
away from the void singing,
that leaves my chest hurting,
and the sermons I can never quite follow.
I know this is worrying,
I'm kind of scared too.
But I'm not doubting,
I'm not leaving this path,
I'm not abandoning this faith,
which I've cried and danced over.
And I am sure of that.
I need some time,
just me and God,
to understand what we mean to each other,
to learn who he is,
and by extension,
who I am.
And it's hard to talk
and hear one another,
when you're surrounded by the noise,
that to you may be bells of hope,
but to me,
the Drums of War.
Can you please understand?
sometimes fellowship helps,
but each walk is different.
And right now,
my path is fragile,
I want to protect it.
There's something about the people at this church,
that I can't quite place my finger on,
But something's telling that they aren't meant,
to help me
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Well, I've never done a critique before, but let's give it a shot since I have some advice to give you! I really like that Twilight loo...


Hey hey hey, guys~ It's been a really long time. Like. *Looks at last deviation* Uh. Half a year. Well, I'm here to say that I'm going to go ahead and move to a different account. If you need to find me, you can find my new username at Toxinsomnia
I'm gonna try and keep active with art there. Thanks for sticking with me on here through the good and the oh, so cringey drawings. I feel like I've improved a ton since I first signed up, and I look forwards to even more improvement. Thanks a bunch, everyone!


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Thanks, Soulfire XD
I'm just gonna do all the things in this one. So yeah. ADVENTUUUUURE!

1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal 
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. - No tag-backs
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

Okay, Let's just do... All... th-thirty things about me I need to put. LET'S GO!

1) My favorite movie right now is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!
2) I only recently figured out how to actually draw good wings.
3) Even MORE recently, I just figured out a cheat to do awesome shading.
4) I play french horn.
5) I also play jazz. With the french horn.
6) I went to a jazz camp this summer.
7) I learned how to make an origami boat at said jazz camp.
8) I used to have a huge collection of Littlest pet shop, but recently sold most of them off.
9) I kept five pets from that sale. How sad.
10) My dog's name is Josie.
11) She is a Basenji mix.
12) She's ten years old, but acts really young.
13) I'm trying to convince my uncle to get a Shiba Inu for their next dog.
14) I am wearing fuzzy socks while typing this.
15) I am also listening to Pandora radio while typing this. (Halfway there, curse you Soulfire!!!)
16) I have a Steam account.
17) I do Pony RP on Garry's Mod
18) I have beat both Portal games.
19) I know a lot of pointless facts about games I haven't even played.
20) I like reading about horror game monsters. Go figure.
21) I know way more than is healthy about horror movies.
22) I have only ever seen one horror movie - Poltergeist.
23) I have an ask blog on Tumblr, and might be getting another one.
24) I can't stand Country Music.
25) There is no possible way I could pick a favorite book or author.
26) I like reading books about the end of the world.
27) I have Ceiliac Disease, which means I can't have wheat, barley, rye, or oats.
28) My computer is located in the basement.
29) I have an older brother
30) I start school again in two days.

(Dang, that was a lot of work.)
(Now onto the asked questions OwO)
(The fun part!)
(First set, tagged by :iconsoulfire10:

1. What is your worst fear?
I have a fear of the dark, but it is subsiding. In fact, I wouldn't call it a fear of THE dark, but what could be in it. I also hate big spiders.
2. what's the most clumsy thing you've done??
While walking with some friends (I think one of them might have been you, actually!) I ran right into a pole in the middle of the door frame. I am the definition of smooth.
3. who is your favorite batman character? (can be hero, villain, citizen etc.)
Uhhhh.... uhhhh... UHHHHHHHHHHHH...... I like Harlequin... I think? And The Penguin, 'cause he's fat X3
4. favorite anime?
Hmm... I'm getting into Black Butler, but overall I'd have to say Angel Beats was my favorite!~ OOH! And Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. ^-^
5. Have you ever made out with an object (idk, I had to)
Yes, sadly. It was a dare.
6. Have you every kissed somebody's pants?
That was the thing I had to make out with.
7. What is the weirdest and/or sexiest thing you've drawn?
Idk... I drew Kallyfish at somepoint. If you guys wanna see that, I can post it :P
8. what is the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought?
I haven't bought that many ridiculous things, but someone bought me a giant fish pillow :3
9. Are you a fangirl of anything? if so, what?
Yes. And many, many things, too long to list. (Doctor Who, Sherlock, many animes, Harry potter, etc.)
10. What is the most frightening story, video, picture, or another form of media you've witnested? (I don't care what genre it was, as long as you found it frightening)

(Next set, tagged by :iconemo9otaku:)

  1. Is Canada America's hat, or America Canada's pants?
  1. Canada is a hat 'cause 'MERICA!
  1. Are you wearing pants?
  1. Shorts, but yes. I am.
  1. Have you ever bitten a live animal?
  1. Not that I remember .... ?
  1. do you ship me and you? Just kidding. What do you ship?
  1. (O-O") Soooooo many things X3 Like JohnLock, for example. Rory and Amelia.
  1. What's the weirdest thing you've done?
  1. idk. I've done a lotta weird things. Probably shouting "Why not Zoidberg?" At somebody who was annoying me :3
  1. What's an embarrassing baby story of yours?
  1. Not a baby story, but as a little kid I sat down in a bucket full of river water and live shrimp. It was amazing
  1. are you a Seme or an Uke? (if your an uke, come to papa! >:D (Big Grin))
No idea what either of those are. (Googles) HECK TO THE NO. I pass. ;)
  1. What's the most disturbing thing you've watched? did I show it to you? (probably)
Hmm, I think I'll pass on this one as well. But you did not show it to me.
  1. what's the most inappropriate thing you've watched? (Many things for me...)
  1. DO YOU WANT A KISS?! Just kidding. What's the worst thing you've done?
Dangit, what's with you and all these invasive questions? >:I I don't have to humiliate myself on the Internet.

(Next set! Once again tagged by :iconsoulfire10:)

1- favourite anime?
Already answered that one :P
2- if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what food would it be? (mine: DARK CHOCOLATE!)
Potatoes - there's so many ways to eat them! I wouldn't get tired of it. Ever. :3
3- do you like GAME THEORY??? 
YES adla;ldkfj;s Didn't I show it to you?
4- how organized is you desk/work space?
Kinda messy, but it's mostly organized decorations :P
5- what do you think of when you read this quote? "I WANT A FLOPPY PINK ONE!"
Pewds. Pewdiepie. Didn't he say that?
6- how about this quote? "the lemon zebra just wanted to dance on the hill"
This one reminds me of Tobuscus. Am I right?
7- what is the weirdest idea for a book you can come up with?
Mehhh too lazy.
8- have you heard of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy?
Yes, KT showed it to me.
9- how would you react if you saw me at your window, holding a sign that said, "I am a ninja, now give me candy!" and it is not Halloween!
Yell "WHY NOT ZOIDBERG!?!?!?" And throw paper Zoidbergs at you. :3
Once upon a time, I never wanted you to call me Senpai again. The end. VuV

There! Now, my ten questions.

1- What is your favorite Pokemon?

2- What was your favorite toy as a child?

3- What pets have you had in the past?

4- What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?

5- Do you have Pandora radio? What station is your favorite, or why not?


7- What video games do you play, if any?

8- Consoles or PC?

9- What's the strangest OC you have?

10- Do you secretly have a favorite relative?

(My answers to them ^-^)

1- What is your favorite Pokemon?
Actually, it's Turtwig - my first ever Pokemon in any game <3
2- What was your favorite toy as a child?
I have a stuffed chameleon named Honest - I still have him.
3- What pets have you had in the past?
Two dogs, many fish, and a frog. I currently have a dog and a frog.
4- What is your favorite fruit or vegetable?
I LOVE Corn on the cob!
5- Do you have Pandora radio? What station is your favorite, or why not?
I love ALL my radios.
Of course I do - I put it there.
7- What video games do you play, if any?
Portal, TF2, G mod, Minecraft.
8- Consoles or PC?
PC. Duh.
9- What's the strangest OC you have?
You don't wanna know.
10- Do you secretly have a favorite relative?
Yes, but don't tell my relatives.



  • Reading: Paper Towns
  • Watching: Nothing in particular right now.
  • Playing: idk.
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: ...


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